Friday, February 15, 2013

Microwave Bowl Cozy Tutorial

Ok, I've been crafting for quite some time now, since my epidemiologist daughter was in a stroller to be exact.  I've decided to make up a few tutorials on things I love to make, so you all can make them too.  No fees, no charging, just free instructions with photos - hopefully I do a good job of explaining.

My first tutorial will be the bowl cozy's I make and sell on Etsy but I would love to share with anybody who can sew. 

First off, since these go into the microwave, you must use 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread.  The batting will state that it is 100% cotton and """microwave safe"""", do not use a product that has a poly scrim in the product.  I usually use two different coordinating fabrics, just for fun.  And always wash your fabric before using it.

Once you have all your supplies you can start cutting out your first cozy.  I like a big cozy, I like to heat up lots in one bowl and a smaller cozy would not fit my bowls anyhow.  Besides, you can put a smaller bowl in a larger cozy but not the other way around.

out of two fabrics - cut out a 12" square
out of batting - cut two 11.5" squares

thats all, now you can sew!!!

Center one batting onto the back side of each fabric piece.  Stitch with matching thread from corner to corner on each piece to hold the batting in place.  Remember to use cotton thread!!!


See it makes an X

Turn right side up and fold in half to make large rectangle.  Now you are going to make 4 darts on each piece.

I use my scissors to push out the fabric if I need to.

Measure 3.5" in on the folded end, make a dart that measures 1" at the cut edge of the fabric, trim to 1/4" and clip threads, do this on the other end also.

Open up the rectangle and fold over the other side.  It will not look like a rectange, but the darts will line up on the open side.  Make two more darts the same as the other two.  Repeat with the other fabric side.

It will look like this when all 4 darts are finished.

Now place right sides together and sew them together with a 1/2" seam, leaving an opening of 2-3" to turn.  One hint - don't leave the opening too close to the corner, or over a dart - just sayin'. 

Trim batting close to seam so less bulk is in the corners.

Turn and push out corners.

 I'll smooth out the batting to the seams so it is not all bunched up inside.  Now, you can pin the edges down, or as I do, just top stitch the edge. 

I like to use a decorative stitch that is a wave pattern, that way it looks nice and catches any edge of the batting I missed when pushing it out to the seams.  I do not hand sew the turn opening closed because the top stitching will close that up too. 



  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I just brought my hubby a piping hot bowl of chili before sitting down to find some easy projects. I just bought my first sewing machine so I need to take baby steps. Your instructions are very clear. I can't wait to try this!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to try this, it's definitely on my to do list!

  3. Great tutorial, would love to use it for our Quilt Quilt Saturday Project on facebook.

  4. What a great Idea & it was so easy to make with your pictorial instructions. Thank you. Sandi

  5. Do you preshrink your materials? Fabric, batting, thread?

  6. Excellent instructions! Saw one of these at my sister-in-law's last weekend. She wants more - will make great Christmas gifts!

  7. I'm going to have to try this--such a good idea! One thing about the thread: when I made microwave potato bags (flannel on the inside, regular quilt fabric on the outside, all 100% cotton), I used the older Dual Duty PLUS thread, which is cotton-wrapped poly. My bag has been in the microwave, and washer and dryer, numerous times, and has been fine. The newer Dual Duty XP, though, is all polyester, so I don't think I would use that. Thanks for the heads up on that--I don't know if I would have thought about the all-poly thread thing!

  8. Coleen, what is your etsy shop? I am trying and trying to find it but just can't...... Please help. Thanks! Janet

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  10. Thank you for the great tutorial! What batting have you found to use for the bowl cozy?

  11. Do you flannel fabric or just regular cotton fabric? I made one with flannel and it's so thick! Wondered if regular cotton is what most are using.

  12. Any cute poems or gift tags to go with the cozy? TIA

  13. you can also use an old cotton towel for batting. just make sures its 100% cotton.

  14. Thank you for a good tutorial. Made a bunch for gifts and kept a couple for home and our rv. When not in use for microwave, they make a delightfully decorative basket for biscuits or receptacle for keys.

  15. Coleen, may I use your image one time in our newsletter? I didn't want to without your permission.

  16. These also make great ice cream bowl holders. lol

  17. Do they shrink after washing?