Thursday, October 22, 2015

Holiday Craft shows for 2015

We've got a few craft shows this holiday season to go, one at St Christophers Church in Tonawanda on November 7-8, and one at St Gregory the Great on November 27-28.  Looking forward to making some money to pay for my part of the cruise I am going on with my sister.  We did very well last year at St Gregory the Great so we are doing it again.  I think this year my sister will be coming in from Binghamton to help and to eat Thanksgiving dinner at my house!

I haven't posted anything on this blog because I FORGOT THE EMAIL ADDRESS I used to make up the account until today, what a screw up on my part.  So, in the meantime, I started up a new blog to take over my craft show reviewing and tutorials.  Now I will start posting here again.

The Etsy shop is going very well.  Last holiday season I was busy every night after work sewing cozies for my orders.  I even closed up the shop early in the month so I could do shopping and cleaning of my own house.  Thanks to all my customers for shopping at my shop!

Working on finishing up my pile of "ready to be sewed" items so that pile will go away.  I have a tendency to cut out more things that I am able to sew up.  So now I have about 20 cozies to make before I start anything new.

Well, until I craft again!